About Our TV Show

Through our selection process of interviewing many companies and choosing the best of the best.

  • Financial solutions
  • Health options
  • Stress relief
  • Great getaways
  • Safe, educational, fun and unique toys
  • Improving the do-it-yourself experience
  • Eco-friendly, green, organic and natural products & vacations
  • Technology trends
  • Pet owners guides
  • Fashion innovations
  • Personal care
  • Enhancing the lives of children and families

Once our viewers understand the value of the show's products and services, we make them easily available through our website. Air Schedule for “I Gotta Have That! National Airing on We-TV

We TV has a Dual Feed – The National airing will air as below:
9:30 am Eastern Time
8:30 am Central Time
7:30 am Mountain Time
9:30 am Pacific Time

The Airings listed below are on the ION Network and are Local Cities at Local Times:


We - TV National Thursday 9:30 AM
KPXB Houston – TV49 Saturday 7:30 AM
KPXL San Antonio-26 Monday 9:30 AM
KPXE Milwakee-55 Wednesday 9:30 AM
KWPX Seattle -33 Wednesday 7:30 AM
KPXE Kansas City - 50 Wednesday 9:30 AM
KPXC Denver-59 Thursday 9:30 AM
WINP Pittsburgh-16 Thursday 10:30 AM
WPXP West Palm Beach - 67 Saturday 8:00 AM
WCPX Chicago-38 Monday 9:30 AM

*airing schedule change
*****Times Subject to change per Network programming